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M Square Lifestyle Necessities is more than a furniture showroom. It is an inspirational playground for the soul that captivates the imagination and provides solutions with carefully selected products of the highest quality and representative of the very best in design.

What we envision for our clients is that they become immersed in an environment that exemplifies a point of view that we want to share. Our collection is displayed in highly stylized room settings that convey a message of luxury, comfort, and good design. This philosophy of “total design” was founded in our association with Nico Van Der Meulen Architects and our interior architecture division, M Square Lifestyle Design. By combining the expertise of all three companies we provide a complete design experience: architecture, interior design, and decor fuse together to create beautiful spaces where all the parts create the perfect whole. The vision is communicated through our carefully selected furniture, lighting, art, and accessories are displayed as they would in our clients’ homes. Each item is carefully selected to fit in with the whole while still making a design statement on its own.

M square lifestyle necessities make a dedicated commitment to encouraging not only the extraordinary interactions with good design that occur in our showrooms but also to a level of customer service and support that sets us apart. It is paramount that we build relationships based on flawless service and unmatched attention to detail. When a client appoints M Square Lifestyle Necessities, it is only the beginning of a relationship that we hope will last a lifetime.

Luxury is defined by space; Space is defined by the objects around you.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities’ experience &
‘Operating Territory’

Through the association with Nico Van Der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design, they expanded their operating territory across African countries; such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe as well as further ashore including Italy.

The joint experience encompasses

  • High end residential
  • Commercial and retail projects

M Square Lifestyle Necessities history

M Square Lifestyle Necessities was established in 2004 and has been featured alongside Nico Van Der Meulen Architects in numerous international magazines, hardcover books and has been featured on the front covers of many magazines.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities Partnerships

Our collection is made up of everything you will need to perfect your living or working space. From kitchens and wardrobes to furniture, lighting, art, and accessories; M Square Lifestyle Necessities is on an unending quest to bring our clients, the very best in contemporary design. Believing in the importance of creating and nurturing enduring relationships with the companies it represents as well as its clients, M Square has built longstanding relationships with Europe’s most important manufacturers of contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories, including but not limited to DOCA, Porro, Alivar, Desalto, Gloster, Lema, Limited Edition, Living Divani, Pallucco, Rowda, Vicarbe, Zanotta, and ZeusNoto.

These manufacturers are all “designed based” companies and share our design values and beliefs: Products must be unique, have a high aesthetic value, must be functional, and must be of the highest quality. These values are present throughout our extensive collection.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities’ Capabilities and Core Competencies

From the initial furniture and lighting briefing to the final placing of the decorative accessories, M Square Lifestyle Necessities provide their clients with exceptional service and creativity. Drawing from years of experience and extensive knowledge of contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories we will help you plan your space to the smallest detail.

This service includes an initial design brief at our newly designed and renovated studios, follow-up meetings at the clients’ premises, professionally drawn up furniture layouts (to scale), a glossy full-color presentation, sample selections, and site supervision during installation. We will also assist with providing local options for areas where imported furniture is not warranted or covered by the extensive collection.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities’ Capabilities and Core Competencies

Categories in which several projects have been completed can be viewed on the following websites:



M Square Lifestyle Necessities’ Published Projects

A brief selection of projects completed and exclusive publications:
-Villa 2018
-Objekt 2018

Forrest Road
-Villa 2018
-Habitat 2017
-SA Home Owner Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Kloof Road
-Estate Magazine 2017
-Binyan Ve Diur 2017
-Trendy living 2017
-SA Home Owner May 2016
-Artravel 2015
-Objekt 2015

House in Blair Atholl
-SA Home Owner Dec 2015/Jan 2016
-Designing Ways Oct 2015
-Mundial 2015
-Objekt 2015

House Duk
-Objekt 2015

Concrete House
-Villa 2018
-Objekt 2017
-SA Home Owner Dec 2016/Jan 2017

House Ber
-Abraxas Lifestyle June 2015

House Boz
-ArtTravelMagazine 2015
-Abraxas Lifestyle June 2014
-Green Home June 2014
-Leading Architecture Oct/Nov 2014
-Objekt 2014

House Sar
-Visi April 2016
-Habitat 2015
-Objekt 2015
-SA Home Owner May 2015

Nico Van Der Meulen Architects
-VISI 2019
-Habitat 2018
-Abode 2017